History & Staff

We have over 100 years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Duncan Funeral Home located in Mountain View, Birch Tree, Summersville, Winona and Eminence has a history dating back to 1908.

In Mountain View that year, John Franklin Duncan and Maude Robbins Duncan began selling caskets and casket hardware in the Duncan Mercantile Store.  While still operating out of the mercantile, John attended Ambruster’s St. Louis School of Embalming, and the Duncan’s soon moved the casket business into a frame building at our present location.  This was the beginning of its operation under the name Duncan Funeral Home, and it was about this time, in 1921 that John and Maude’s son, Joe R. Duncan was born, joining his sister Jewell Lorraine.

In 1930, John F. Duncan expanded his business to serve Summersville.  In 1940 the Duncan’s built a beautiful new building of native field stone to house the funeral home in Mountain View.  In 1942 Joe R. Duncan graduated from Williams Institute of Mortuary Science in Kansas City, Kansas and joined the family business.  His work in the funeral services was interrupted; however, from 1942-1946 by his service in the United States Army during World War II.  In 1944 Joe married Helen Reary of Eminence, MO.  After their return to Mountain View, their two sons were born, John Franklin Duncan II, and James Reary Duncan (known as J.R.).

In the early 1940's the Duncan’s further expanded their business to serve Birch Tree, Eminence, and Winona, building new facilities in each of these towns during the 1960's.  Joe R. Duncan also served as President of the Missouri Funeral Directors Association during 1959-60.

John F. Duncan II joined the business in 1971 after graduating from Gupton Jones Institute of Mortuary Science in Dallas.  The three generations of Duncan’s enjoyed serving together until the older John’s death in 1973, the same year J.R. graduated from the Dallas mortuary school.  During the 1970's a large chapel, state rooms and a new stucco exterior were added to the Mountain View facility.  In 1974 J.R. joined the business.  J. R. Duncan served with his brother and father until 1976 when he left the business to enter full-time ministry in the Baptist denomination.

From 1977-1980, Joe Duncan served as Governor of the National Funeral Directors Association, and John served on the board of the state association from 1980-1982.  In 1982 John left the business, also entering full time ministry in the Baptist denomination.

In 1982, Joe R. Gross was employed by the Duncan Funeral Home.  Joe R. Gross graduated from the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science in Louisville, Kentucky in 1974.  He was employed at the Landess Funeral Home in Malden, MO from the time of his graduation until he joined the Duncan Funeral Home. 

In 1983, Joe married D.J. Parks of Qulin, Missouri.  In 1985, Joe and D.J. Gross purchased all five locations of the Duncan Funeral Home.  In 1985 Joseph James Gross was born, and in 1987 Ashley Danielle Gross was born.

After Joe R. Gross was injured in an automobile accident in December 1987, DJ Gross took a leave from her nursing career and joined the staff at Duncan Funeral Home.  In 1988, DJ Gross became a licensed funeral director and began assisting in the management of Duncan Funeral Home.

Joe R. Gross served as President of Missouri Funeral Directors Association from 1996 to 1997.  DJ Gross served on the Board of Directors with the Missouri Funeral Trust for several years until 1998. 

In August 1997, DJ Gross relocated to St. Louis, MO where she worked as a registered nurse at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center.  In February 2005, Joe Duncan passed away, and later in that same year, Joe Gross passed away.  DJ Gross returned to the Duncan Funeral Home at the time of Joe Gross’ death to continue the family business.

In 2013, Joe and DJ’s two children, Joseph Gross and Ashley Gross joined the family business.  Joseph and Ashley are licensed insurance agents and Notaries.  In 2014, the Duncan Funeral Home stills serves under the same name in its 106th year.

Our Valued Staff

DJ Gross

DJ Gross, Funeral Director-Manager

Joseph Gross

Joseph Gross, Co-Manager, Funeral Director, Licensed Preneed Agent, License Life Insurer Producer

Ashley Gross

Ashley Gross, Co-Manager, Funeral Director, Licensed Preneed Agent, License Life Insurer Producer